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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Sheri Wall

13 June 2018

Sheri Wall

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Sheir Wall


Sheri Wall is a wife, mother of two boys, an award-winning children's book author, and a lifelong resident of Central Texas. She established A Matter of Rhyme, which celebrates rhythmic reading aloud as a fun, essential learning tool. In addition to writing and rhyming, Sheri enjoys cooking, eating, decorating, bargain hunting, and being active. With several completed works and more on the way

Silly Milly the Dane


Oh Milly, why are you so silly?

Laugh-out-loud limericks combined with vivid illustrations introduce the silly-but-true antics of a very special REAL Great Dane named Milly.


Told from her owner’s perspective, SILLY MILLY the DANE is a hilarious account of Milly’s “petitude” (pet attitude) that will be adored and recognized by dog lovers of all ages.


Children everywhere love Milly and learn about the special bond between pet and owner.


Rhyming repetition makes SILLY MILLY the DANE perfect for early learners.


Buy the print copy now and the ebook is FREE!! Follow Milly on Instagram @sillymillythedane.

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An Omelet for Evan


What’s for breakfast? Sound familiar?

This age-old question is not taken lightly by young Evan, an expressive, FINICKY boy who oh-so-carefully contemplates the first meal of the day.


Rhymes, food and fun!

Adults will recognize the common struggle of getting kids to eat, and kids will love the bright pictures and the lyrical, fun-to-read verses in this Wishing Shelf International Award Winner.


Your picky eater will delight at all the healthy, delicious breakfast foods Evan considers, and they will realize they can make good choices too! 


"So if you're ever famished and just tired of toast, an omelet for breakfast will satisfy you most!"


Engaging for reading aloud, early learners, and new readers. Beneficial for ages birth,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 as rhyme and rhythm support the sounds and syllables in words, helping children learn and further develop their reading skills!


Buy this Award Winner in paperback now and get the ebook FREE!

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Chores Make Me Snore


Along with Ava, kids will have a laugh and learn about being helpful.

Like many growing children, active Ava chooses to do the things she adores rather than helping those around her.

“Chores make me snore. They’re a drag and a bore...”

Instead of spending the day watching TV or playing in her room, Ava develops her positive attitude and learns to be kind and less selfish with encouragement from a few surprising characters.

“...but when someone needs you, there’s no time to lose!”

Catchy, repetitive verses and fun rhyming make it perfect for early readers ages 4,5,6 and reading aloud to ages birth, 1,2,3. Ages 7,8,9, and 10 will love it for elementary poetry lessons.

If you buy the paperback now, get the Kindle version FREE!

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A Christmas Cookie Exchange


Don’t judge a cookie by its sprinkles!

A delicious assortment of Christmas cookies for kids to love - a SUPERHERO, a QUEEN, a CELEBRITY, an ATHLETE - a cookie for everyone!

This rhyming holiday story is a lesson about self-acceptance and avoiding comparisons.

What's on the inside is what truly matters.

One fruit-filled oatmeal cookie learns to not get wrapped up in outside appearances, but to focus on what’s really important.

Grab a mug of cocoa, and of course a cookie, and enjoy this fresh, seasonal tale that's fun to read aloud. Be sure and check on the ebook pages for fun pop-ups with recipes and some extra messages!

When you buy the paperback, get the ebook FREE!

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