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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Chandelle Walker

13 June 2018

Chandelle Walker

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Chandelle Walker


Chandelle Walker was raised in Arizona and met her husband, Mike, in California while he was serving in the Marine Corps. They have two children and one funny Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix that they all adore. They have been an active Army family since 2003 and have persevered through many separations, including five deployments to Afghanistan and Korea, each being a year long. The Army has allowed them to have adventures in Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas.

Chandelle enjoys writing poems, crafting, home decorating, playing the piano, being outdoors and meeting new people. She looks forward to publishing more children’s books in the near future.

Daddy Left with Mr. Army


Living as a military child can often be challenging. Have you wondered what a military deployment is like from the eyes of these children? Have you thought about what they might be feeling, and do you question how to help them get through it?

In Daddy Left with Mr. Army, author Chandelle Walker offers insight from a child's perspective to help you understand the emotions your child may be feeling as a separation occurs.

Based on Walker's personal experiences in a military family dealing with deployments, Daddy Left with Mr. Army helps both children and parents open a conversation about the time away. Through rhyme and illustrations, this picture book shares the challenges of deployment but also the joys of serving the United States in the military.

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