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Thursday, June 04, 2020

C K Larsen

13 June 2018

C.K. Larsen

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C.K. Larsen


When not clicking away on a keyboard, C.K. Larsen enjoys hiding under the shadows of pine trees and slaying dragons with amazing sneak attacks on Skyrim. This avid gamer and uber anime fan channel her hobbies into her novels, letting them fuel crazy adventures and wild characters that wreak all sorts of havoc.

She has been a writer and artist since her childhood. Every paper, worksheet, or sketchpad she owned (or not) always housed numerous drawings and short stories that captivated her through the mundane hours of the day. It wasn’t until middle school that the writing bug hit hard, and she started out writing her own fan fiction. C.K. continued her artistic talents through high school but struggled with her path in college.